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iPad Repair In New Hartford

iPad Repair In New Hartford

iPad Repairs Services in New Hartford

At Screen Repair, in New Hartford, we repair Apple devices at very affordable prices, within quick turnaround time, and we guarantee OEM quality of all our parts. We have the best technician for iPad repairs service in Oneida County.

iPad Glass screen replacement

A broken screen means that your iPad is as good as dead because an iPad is basically just a screen. So, once the screen is damaged the iPad is rendered useless. At Screen Repair, we do iPad screen replacement services. In our years of experience, we have fixed thousands and thousands of broken screens using the highest quality iPad Parts. 

Also, our screen repair pricing is the most competitive around Oneida County (New Hartford, Whitesboro, Rome, Utica and surrounding area). Walk in or call or check our online reviews to find why we offer the best value and service.

iPad liquid damage repair

Sometimes, even the most cared for iPad’s end up getting this kind of damage. Water or liquid damage is a common issue. Fortunately, most liquid damages are repairable. A liquid spill on your iPad affects motherboard, and battery and is why most of them end up dead after the accident. Our technicians will open up the device, dry the liquid first then examine what got damaged and what needs replacement. But, you can be sure, you will leave our stores with your iPad fully functioning as good as brand new.

IPad battery replacement

Over time, batteries might get worn out more so your device battery will drain fast or your ipad will shut down itself while using your ipad no matter what percentage of battery you see on your device screen. 

We stock high-quality iPad parts and accessories so you never have to worry, it’s a one-stop-shop for all things apple devices repair. From glass screen replacement, power buttons, camera replacement, batteries, power jack repair to new chargers and so much more.

IPad is dead

A dead iPad situation can be very frustrating; several reasons could cause your iPad not to power on completely. The Power button could be faulty, dead battery, faulty power jack or even motherboard issues. Once you bring the device to us, we will diagnose the cause and find the best solutions. We give a second life to many iPads that have been diagnosed dead and become fully functional again. So, before you decide to get a new Ipad and break the bank to buy a new one. Risk Free replacement will not cost you anything if your device will not work after we work it.

Ipad Is not charging

When an iPad is not charging, it means there is a problem with one of the four parts that work all together to charge an iPad. Those four components are:

  1. iPad’s software (iPadOS).

  2. iPad charger.

  3. Lightning cable.

  4. iPad’s charging port

But most of the time Ipad that does not charge can’t be fixed with a series of software troubleshooting steps. Sometimes you have to get your iPad to be fixed.One of the main reasons that an iPad experiences a charging port  is because it was recently exposed to water or another liquid. Water can permanently damage the connections inside the iPad's charging port, making it unable to charge.

If you have to get your iPad repaired, we recommend doing so through Screen Repair. Our professional technicians will spend their precious time to do a micro-soldering for your Ipad’s charging port. It will give a new life to your Ipad again. 

Our years of experience fixing Apple devices and other electronics in the Oneida county area have made us one of the most relied on repair shops in the county. Call us today and have our technicians repair your broken ipad’s. We promise the repair process will be quick and hassle-free.