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Is it worth to fix broken phone or just buy a new one? 

Is it worth to fix broken phone or just buy a new one? 

We are all having hard time to make a decision when our phone gets broken. We can easily agree that living with broken phone is real hassle. We would like either to fix our broken phone or purchase completely new one. There are several important aspects you should consider before making final call.  If your phone is in a perfect condition and just only needs a simple screen replacement, would be more cost-effective rather than spending much more money to purchase a new device. Therefore, regular screen replacements for your cracked phone would be the best option, and also it saves your time and money if it is the only problem. New screen replacements can give your phone totally new life.  

On the other hands, if your phone is few generations older and gets broken, it means, maybe you should consider upgrading your phone by comparing market prices. However, new device does not always mean the better device. You have created kind of bond with your old device and user interface, all the apps and personal information in your phone has already been customized for your own taste. It is going to take a while to get use to new device after changing it.  

Repairing your cracked phone or buying new one highly depends on the costs. Before making final decision, you should compare costs for repair and new phone prices. Sometimes cost of the repair could be the same as new phone price. As we mentioned above, costs of repair also depend on the type of damage and numbers of the parts to be repaired.  

If it is still difficult dilemma for you, we as Screen Repair can give you the right directions on repairs as well as upgrading your old devices. You can book free diagnosis with us.