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Is rice just better to eat or it really works to dry off wet IPhone?

Is rice just better to eat or it really works to dry off wet IPhone?

   One of the most popular way to dry off iphone is to stick it into the bowl of rice. Many people think that to put their iphones into the rice and keep it there for awhile, will help to reduce the water damage and rice is going to remove moisture inside the iphone. The main thing is rice can be exteremly harmfull and would give more damage to your phone than what water did to it. Rice method is less effective way to handle water damage in iphones. It does not absorb water fully. Any jammed rice could result in scratching or breakages to your charging port or headset and it will need professional assistance to pull them out. But good news is there are a lot of options than rice can really help to prevent water get more into the iphone and stay there. First off all, turn off your phone if it is still on and unplug charging cables immediately. Dry it off with paper towel or with a microfiber soft cloth. The most common mistake people usually do is to dry it off with hairdryer which is extremely dangerous. Secondly , remove some parts such as sim card tray or any other phone accessories. Put it into zipper bag and take it professional repair stores to be checked.

Does drying off phone really makes it work?

   Sometimes your phone could start working after waiting little while but water could damage internal parts too. And it can kick-start a corrosion process which it can result in irreparably damage to internal components down the line. Apple started making waterproof phone models for years. If you have Iphone 7 or newer models, they are rated as water proof or water resistant to depth of around 9 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Older models are not water resistant, so you should be more careful when handling your phone near water. And to keep it in mind also that previously fixed ( such as screen, back glass, camera lens, battery replacements) iphones and refurbished iphones are not %100 water resistant after repair.