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Orginal or a 'AFTERMARKET'

Orginal or a

For iPhone screen replacement, ScreenRepair offers its customers two options. An original or a "aftermarket" screen is presented. The most common question is "Is there any difference - which one would you recommend?"
iPhone Original Screen and Aftermarket Screen Difference Original iPhone screens are made for Apple and approved by Apple. Aftermarket screens are alternatives compatible with iPhone devices and are designed and manufactured completely by independent companies in China.
Our answer is simple - the original screen is always our recommendation. Some people may think we've charge more money on original screens, but that's not true. We recommend original screen because; it is much higher quality, longer life and the price difference is not high.
In fact, we prefer to serve only with original screens, but the fact that many people are only price-oriented is the biggest reason we offer alternative options. You won't even notice a difference at first glance on quality aftermarket displays!
ScreenRepair uses the best quality aftermarket screens also. Despite this, we recommend our customers original screens.
See the Difference of Screens
Many customers who come to ScreenRepair state that they are not really satisfied with the quality of the aftermarket screens that they had previously installed in different places.
We are not very surprised at this situation. In the photos, you can see a big difference between the inserted aftermarket screen and an original Apple screen.
Aftermarket displays have much lower brightness, contrast, and vitality - they often look “faded”. It is clearly seen that it has a much lower resolution in close-ups with a microscope.

When you use low quality aftermarket screens, you have to pay twice to change the screen again.
Aftermarket screens have more than 10 quality standards, but nobody calls their screens “B Quality”. Quality names such as A, A +, A ++, AA, AAA are always available in the marketplace.

Orginal or a 'AFTERMARKET'

iPhone Screen Replacement
Is the original screen price difference worth?
While the price difference between aftermarket screens and originals varies by device, the price difference is often worth it.
We compare our prices with our competitors and know that we offer very economical prices. Although we offer the highest quality aftermarket displays on the marketplace, we always recommend our customers to opt for the original.
iPhone Screen Quality
Common problems seen in aftermarket screens
Poor brightness, contrast and vitality
High battery usage
Much lower resolution and ultimately "rough" look
Low image refresh rate
Touch sensitivity
Incompatible Parts
Battery Usage
The performance characteristics (battery usage, etc.) of most iPhone aftermarket displays are not the same as the original screens. As a result, they use more batteries, which can lead to faster battery life and warming up the device.
Touch and Sensors
One of the most important differences between the original and the "aftermarket" screen is how the digitizer (touch sensor) is designed. Apple manufactures it as part of the screen, but the aftermarket displays are on the glass. For this reason, glass replacement can be made on the original screen, but not on aftermarket screens.
Low Quality LCD Panels
The image quality of the LCD panel is another important issue.
It is also possible that this incompatibility causes different damages to your device.
Other issues
In general, aftermarket screens and screen glass are not as durable as the originals. You don't even have to drop the phone; it can break or deteriorate even in everyday use.
Possible Problems
Apple aftermarket screens may stop working with an iOS update.