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Cellphone Repair in New Hartford , NY

Cellphone Repair in New Hartford , NY

Motorola Repair Oneida County 



Motorola Mobility LLC is an American telecommunications and consumer electronics company subsidized under Lenovo. Motorola is one the first companies that introduced mobile phones and a lot of people still remember those Motorola brands.

If you are surfing on the internet or browsing the social media, playing games or simply making calls from your Motorola phone, it means you are holding a premium quality phone in your hands. Elegant design, vibrant screen and a lot of interesting features allow you to enjoy your phone all day. 

If you love your phone but looking for a place to repair it, Screen Repair would be more than happy to repair all kinds of problems related to your lovely Moto mobile phone. When your phone is not working properly, it is definitely frustrating. Our professional technicians are the best in this industry and they will handle your device with huge respect and passion. 


Motorola Repair Process

Before we start to repair your Motorola phone , our professional team is going to diagnose your phone to determine any other problems as well. Diagnostic exams are totally free and take usually minutes for our technicians. Water Damage exams are one of the main diagnostics that we offer. Because before corrosion starts inside of your Motorola device we have a last chance to save your phone. Generally, we do free diagnostics for Motorola screen, battery, cameras, charging port, speakers and headphone jack. If you are facing issues with the parts above, Screen Repair can checkup your phone and pinpoint the problem quickly.


Motorola Screen Repair 

One of the common repairs our professional team completes is a Motorola screen replacement. Although new generation Motorola phones use tough, scratch resistant Gorilla glass for their screens but it does not make them unbreakable. Screen Repair offers OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer) LCD displays for Motorola Mobile Phones. All repairs come with a 90 day store warranty which allows you to use your Motorola device with confidence after repairs. If it is not only the screen replacement but for charging port replacement, battery replacement or water damage clean-ups , Screen Repair got you covered. 


Screen Repair always keeps its promises when it comes to the quality of the repair. If you are not ready to spend hundreds of dollars for a new mobile device, our store warranty for repairs will make you super confident. Screen Repair offers 90 day store warranty for all repairs done in the store.