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Searching for "iPhone Repair Near Me"?

Searching for "iPhone Repair Near Me"?

iPhone Repair In New Hartford

 If You are searching now “Phone Repair near me” or “iPhone Repair near me” on your device to get your broken iPhone fixed, you find the right one. Screen Repair offers electronics repair service in Oneida County (Utica, New Hartford, Rome, Oneida, Clinton, New York Mills, Holland Patent, Verona, Waterville, Whitesboro, and surrounding area).  

We have technicians that are highly trained in iPhone repairs. Using proven methods of professional iPhone repair and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts our team of technicians can repair 99% of iPhone devices, and in the unlikely event that we are unable to repair your iPhone you do not pay any fees at all. If it can be fixed, Screen Repair can fix it. If it cannot be fixed, we will be happy to discuss the options of trading in your broken device for a new one or a reconditioned one.

From cracked iPhone Screen to button, battery or charging failures, Screen Repair locations are the local option for fast, quality repairs you can trust. With 15 years industry experience your iPhone phone will get back to factory condition by our technicians with no hassle.

All electronics repair parts included 90-day store warranty so you can use your device confidently.

We fix Iphone 6, Iphone 6 Plus, Iphone 6S, Iphone 6S Plus, Iphone 7, Iphone 7 Plus, Iphone 8, Iphone 8 Plus, Iphone X, IPhone XS, Iphone XS Max, IPhone XR, Iphone 11, Iphone 11 Pro, Iphone 11 Pro Max, Iphone 12 Mini, Iphone 12, Iphone 12 Pro, Iphone 12 Pro Max and more. 

Quality Service with transparent pricing is our top priority. We offer repair services for any Iphone models listed below: 

Iphone Screen (Glass or LCD) Repair, Dead or Depleting Battery Repair, Broken Camera (camera itself or camera lens), Broken Charging port, Broken Earspeaker, Broken Loudspeaker, Power Button, Broken volume buttons, Back Glass or damaged frame.


IPhone Screen Replacement

Everybody drops their phones quite often and the result of these accidents could not be that serious but in most cases you face cracked or shattered iphone screens. Majority of the cracks are just minor cosmetic problems but most of them are huge damages which really interfere with using your device properly. Walking around all day with a cracked phone screen is a real hustle. In this case, you will need screen replacement on your Iphone. However, standard Apple warranty does not offer anything for accidental damages and you will end up spending a lot of money there. 

Screen Repair offers a wide range of options and better prices for Iphone screen replacements. For iPhone screen replacement, Screen Repair offers for its customers two main options. Original or "aftermarket" or “off-market” screens are presented. As we mentioned above, Screen Repair offers original high quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) screens for its customers. Iphone Original Screens are made for Apple and approved by Apple. On the other hand, Screen  Repair is more than happy to offer alternative screens as well which are compatible with Iphone devices and are designed and manufactured completely by independent companies in China. 

There are so many differences between these two screens. Aftermarket displays have much lower brightness, contrast, and vitality - they often look “faded”.   It is clearly seen that it has a much lower resolution in close-ups with a microscope. Quality of the glass on the screen, low touch sensitivity, higher battery usage, low image refresh rate and low compatibility with IOS updates still make Aftermarket Screens as the second and alternative option for our customers. But as Screen Repair , we always keep our promises and we use A+ grade Aftermarket screens for our customers. 

There is no approved strategy to prevent your screen from getting damaged.However, Screen Repair has some recommendations to help to protect your screen. 

  1. Phone Case- it is highly recommended to use your phone with a case. Some cases offer built in screen protectors but others do not. Choosing the right case could save you a hundred bucks. Check out our store for better options.  

  2. Screen Protector/Saver- We always offer and recommend our customers to use tempered glass screen protectors for their phones. Screen protectors are always good add-ons and do not cost much. 


IPhone Battery Replacement

If you can’t leave your house without an iphone charger or your family and friends always complain about the fact that they can’t reach out to you and your phone is always dead. . It means you have a problem with your iphone battery and it does not hold anymore.If you are thinking of getting a new phone, you are absolutely wrong. You're so lucky, good news is iphone batteries are actually replaceable but you can’t pop out back cover and change the battery like old smartphones back in days. Nowadays, new generation iphone batteries require professional attention when it comes to replacement. The easiest way to replace your iphone battery is going through Screen Repair.

Screen Repair is very proud to take further steps and replace your old batteries with new one. Screen Repair offers the most affordable market prices with shortest waiting time. Screen Repair will diagnose your iPhone for free and will find the best battery that is compatible with your iphone. Our professional team always follows all safety rules and protocols and they wear all required equipment before starting replacement of battery. With many years of experience in this field, Screen repair always offers OEM quality batteries with high capacity which will give your phone totally new life after replacement.      


IPhone Does Not Turn On

If your iPhone is completely dead and does not want to boot up at all , you should talk to one of our professional technicians at Screen Repair before making a final decision on purchasing a new Iphone. There are several factors that might contribute to these problems with your Iphone. This type of issues commonly related to faulty of Apps, corrupted IOS, damaged hardware such as Power Button, charging port or battery. Maybe it is related to the motherboard of the Iphone. Most of the issues mentioned above could be the result of many drops or just because of factory defective parts. No worries, good news is our professional technicians can examine your Iphone and easily pinpoint the problem.


IPhone Is Not Charging 

One of the most common problems Screen Repair receives from its customers is: “my iphone is not charging”. Majority of customers think that they will need a new battery. In this particular case, replacing the battery is absolutely wrong.In fact, most of the time it could be the software or hardware issue that prevents your iphone from charging. If your phone stopped charging , replacing the battery will have zero effect.

If it is the hardware problem, it is much more likely related to the charging port itself. Charging port flex is a very complex assembly part which is combined with mainly charging port, microphone, antenna, earphone jack ( Iphone 7 or older) and etc. 

Our professional technicians at Screen Repair can easily find out the issue and solve the problem immediately. Screen Repair always offers OEM quality parts for your Iphone. 

There are some simple recommendations from Screen Repair which you can follow before bringing your Iphone to our store for repair.

Inspect your charger-Check your lighting cable and make sure that it is working properly. Do not hesitate to use a second cable to see if your phone starts getting juice again. When it comes to 3rd party cables, they could damage your charging port as well. It would be better if you change your home adapter or just plug in your Iphone into the laptop directly. 

Software Updates- Downloading the latest update or sometimes simple restart can solve your problem. If it did not solve your problem , our professional technicians can also help you to hard reset your phone. 


IPhone Water Damage

Nothing can be more frustrating than dropping your iphone into water or any kind of liquid. You should remove the phone from water immediately because the longer it stays in the water, the more your phone gets damaged. Your quick reflexes can save your phone. 

Iphone water damages are considered one of the most difficult repairs. Because when water or liquid gets inside of your phone, it can start a corrosion process which can result in irreparable damage to internal components especially, motherboard of an iphone. People often use the rice method in order to dry off their phones but it is less effective and it could damage exterior parts of your iphone as well. In order to avoid unnecessary and unfixable problems before you bring your iphone to Screen Repair , we would like to give you some tips.

1) Turn off your phone and unplug lighting cable immediately 

2) Dry off your phone with paper towel or microfiber soft cloth 

3) Remove sim card tray and any other accessories from your iphone

4) Put it in the zipper bag and call us for further assistance

Apple started making waterproof phone models for years. If you have Iphone 7 or newer models, they are rated as waterproof or water resistant to depth of around 9 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Older models are not water resistant, so you should be more careful when handling your phone near water. And to keep it in mind also that previously fixed ( such as screen, back glass, camera lens, battery replacements) iphones and refurbished iphones are not %100 water resistant after repair.

Iphone Camera Faulty   

To be honest, beside the battery life, color or size of the phone when people decide to buy an IPhone, they really pay more attention to the size and quality of the Front and Back camera. In fact, the latest Iphones have one of the best phone cameras in the market. It is just a nightmare when you try to take your lovely family and friend pictures with your Iphone and it comes out in a very poor quality. When your camera stops working, your phone becomes less fun. If your Iphone cameras have issues such as taking blurry photos or videos, poor quality video calls, it means it is time to change one of your cameras. 

Screen Repair is very proud to offer original quality Front and Rear cameras for your Iphone. Our professional technicians will handle your device with respect. Camera Replacements usually take less than 20 minutes. 

Before deciding to have a camera replacement, make sure that a broken rear camera lens or front screen does not affect the functionality of your cameras. If so, our trained technicians can also easily fix those problems if your camera is in good shape.


IPhone Gets So Hot Then Turns Itself Off

Nothing can be more annoying than a phone that gets overheated quite often and it turns itself off and on. If  you try to restart your Iphone, eventually it is going to happen again. It is really frustrating and you can’t rely on it especially when you are on vacation with your family and you would like to take loads of pictures or you are waiting for a very important business call. In this particular case, the battery should be replaced. Screen Repair can check-up your Iphone and can offer the best battery which is the most compatible with your phone.


IPhone Microphone Is Not Working 

It is clear that one of the main purposes of the phone is to receive and answer the calls that’s why the phone has been invented in the first place. If the people on the other end of the phone are complaining about your unclear voice or background noise, even if they can’t hear you at all, it means it is the time for Microphone Replacement in your IPhone. This kind of repair takes minutes for our professional technicians. Screen Repair would be so happy to check out your phone for free and pinpoint the problem for you.  


Wrapping Up

Are you living in or close to Oneida County, New York and you are having problems with your lovely Iphone and you are not ready to spend thousand dollars to purchase a new phone for minor repairs? Contact Screen Repair and we will get your smile back again. Our professional technicians are always available to help you with all Iphone repairs.